Wechat sex id

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Wechat sex id

According to industry estimates, online purchases made with mobile phones will account for 74% of total e-commerce in China by 2020, compared with just 46% in the US.The pace of e-commerce doesn’t seem to be slowing: the industry is expected to grow by 20% annually in China over the next five years—twice as fast as in the US and the UK.This growth will be driven not only by increased individual spending but also by an expected influx of hundreds of millions of new consumers, many from smaller cities and rural areas, who have yet to go online.

These differences provide a glimpse into the future of shopping—and offer valuable insights for companies around the globe.China has more e-commerce activity than any country in the world today.According to China’s National Bureau of Statistics, Chinese consumers spent 0 billion online in 2016—more than the US and the UK combined.As a result, e-commerce quickly became the norm, and its development was fast-tracked to the point where China pulled ahead of the West.(See Exhibit 1.) China is also a pioneer in mobile commerce.

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(See Exhibit 2.) Many consumers skipped the PC era entirely, going right to smartphones.