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I don’t know much about the congenital birth defects that left me, among other things, regrettably short and reliant on crutches to walk.

The damage happened before I emerged from the womb and life since has been learning to live with it. My amazing parents were fierce about treating me like any child, and taught me to see myself the same way.

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There are also things that have to be present for a relationship to spark. Earlier this year, after going weeks without a match, much less a date, I removed from my dating profiles any pictures that made my disabilities apparent. After weeks without a match, I made several within an hour.

On these dating apps, my physical limitations erased, I got a hint of what normalcy felt like.

That locked door I had imagined did exist, and, as I felt in adolescence, I knew the only way through it was by ridding myself of things that can never be shed. All the years of fearing I was saying the wrong thing, doing the wrong thing, was angst for nothing. I was role-playing, joyfully anonymous, participating with ease in a world I had so struggled to enter. It would be unfair to not let these women know how I looked before we met, so I explained my situation. Scott Fitzgerald wrote of the mega-rich couple the Buchanans in There’s something in the structure of dating apps that encourages carelessness.

Some were cool with it, and we ended up going on dates that mostly went nowhere because they weren’t into me or I wasn’t into them. Others admitted they did not want to date someone with disabilities. The ones that hurt, though, were those who said they were OK with my condition, but began responding to messages less frequently. They reduce complexity and quirks to a few curated pictures and clever blurbs, and make people so very easy to dismiss.

They agreed to meeting up in theory but wouldn’t be specific about when. Regardless, there was agony in a once-friendly, welcoming face slipping away. I have swiped left without a second thought because I thought someone was overweight, or had tattoos I found unattractive. As unique as the specifics of my situation are, I can’t escape the feeling there are plenty of people who can relate.

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Earlier this year, Jason Laughlin removed from his dating profiles any pictures that made his disabilities apparent, like the one on the right. Online dating gifted me just that experience recently.