Updating model of self in the world Thuringen dating

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Updating model of self in the world

I'm using Django to create a model called Campaign Profile, then each logged in user can fill in a form to build such an object, and have all of their 'Campaign Profile's displayed on their personal dashboard.What I've found is that when I fill in this form then a new Campaign Profile object is not created like I need, but instead the information entered (title, etc) replaces the first Campaign Profile made.

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Does Not Exist: campaign = Campaign Profile(user) if request.method == 'POST': form = New Campaign Form(request. FILES, instance=campaign) if form.is_valid(): form.save() return redirect('/dashboard/') else: form = New Campaign Form(instance=campaign) return render(request, 'campaign-create.html', ) else: form = New Campaign Form() return render(request, 'campaign-create.html', ) else: return redirect('/users/login/') I changed the One To One Field to a Foreign Key and removed 'instance=campaign' from my views.py, however this time when I submit the form it just returns an empty form, and doesn't create a new profile object, nor update the old object.

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