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Ezért én a sorozat részének tekintem, mintha egy dupla epizóddal indulna a történet elbeszélése.Egyébként, ha így teszünk, akkor egyszerűbben meg is érthetjük az Un-Got, jobb, ha nem a legvégén vadásszuk le az egész eredetét, mert az eléggé illúzióromboló volna.However, the public doesn't know this and thus refers to Shinjurou as the "Defeated Detective".Still, Shinjurou, together with Inga, can't help but search for the truth.But contrary to his cute looks, he's a sharp, arrogant rogue. The setting of the story is a postwar, future Tokyo that still bears the scars of war.Ruling the land is Media King Rinroku Kaishou, who through politics and industry has the communications infrastructure under his thumb.

Meanwhile, Inga, an attractive young lad, serves as Shinjurou's "buddy".

Their task is further confounded by the interference of a masked individual they title Messier Code BK201, a man with abilities that allow him to fight and defeat the Contractors. This is a prequel to Un-Go, but is much more understandable along with the series.

We get to the backstory behind Yuuki and Inga, as well as better insight on Bettenou and the grudge Yuuki holds against Rinroku Kaishou.

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