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Turkey dating friends email

"Paradoxically, what probably makes people sleepy after Thanksgiving dinner is…dessert," he adds.

"Eating carbohydrates increases brain serotonin in spite of the fact that there is no tryptophan in carbohydrates." Gobbling a slice of sweet pumpkin pie, for instance, causes beta cells in the pancreas to secrete insulin, a hormone that allows the uptake of glucose and most amino acids into the tissues.

Let us give thanks on Thanksgiving for its cornucopia of foods: mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, creamed corn, cranberry sauce and, of course, turkey, among other delights.

Every fourth Thursday of November, friends and family in the U. travel thousands of miles to gather and gorge in a celebration tracing back to 1621 when Plymouth Pilgrims and Native Americans spent three days breaking bread in gratitude for the year's plentiful harvest.

Those early revelers were probably knocked out by their marathon feast, and most people today are familiar with the post-Thanksgiving food coma. Turkey allegedly causes drowsiness because it is packed with a nutrient called tryptophan.

Tryptophan is one of 20 naturally occurring amino acids—the building blocks of proteins.

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Thus, it is no wonder that turkey, which provides the raw material for the synthesis of sleep-related serotonin, is purported to have soporific power.We hope you enjoy visiting Ladyboy Dating and we wish you can find someone to love.Respect and good manners is something we appreciate, and any problems you have, please let us know. So join now and discover the great experience of dating ladyboys.Tryptophan is used by the human body to make serotonin, a neurotransmitter.It has a somnolent effect on fruit flies, whose sleep is most likely equivalent to our slow-wave (non-REM) sleep, says neuroscientist Amita Sehgal of the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine in Philadelphia.

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