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They host model contests and body painting on regular basis. I will add some images of the girls from Atlantis in a short while.

Read More and view images »Here are a couple of online links from Filipinos, mostly personal pages and internet portals.

The guy never uses a condom and his girls are pretty hot.

He calls each of his lays a 'trophy' and divides them in creampie Filipina, cumshot, oral sex, lesbians and so on.

The board is very active and they show some historic images from Clark Airbase.

They cover many events like pool parties and beauty contests with nice pictures.

Look at their presidential suite or their executive rooms to find a perfect place for a totally spoiled adult vacation.

Read More and view images » Strongly growing community of frequent travelers who have fun in bars, karaokes, massage parlors and other hangouts.

They know how to party with the best Filipina girls and they are very conscious about prices and possible traps.

Manila Tonight - Forum about discos and restaurants and other entertainment in Manila.

Read More and view images » huge bar on Real Street with events such as dance shows and bodypainting. Read More and view images » Clarkton Hotel One of the better Angeles City hotels. It features freshly renovated rooms, a large swimming pool and a great restaurant with good food. The swimming pool is big and deep enough to swim and dive.

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FSD is an Facebook-like diary of a Canadian guy who visits the Philippines for an extended sex vacation.

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