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I must say, even though a lot of these stories ended in agonizing heartbreak (no not really), I have enjoyed every experience I had so far and the people I’ve met along the way. Being the romantic naive fool I am, I’m sure that every experience made me grow and made me wiser about what I want, and how far I would go for someone who really deserves it.

And I’m pretty sure we will all get where we want to be, with a wonderful person.

Having someone to talk to you was great, except that Claudia had a tendency to try and sound more knowledgeable than she actually was.

So my preference to date Jewish guys has nothing to do with their belief, that’s for sure.

I feel however that most of the guys I go for are Jewish (or, if they’re not, they probably look Jewish). I would also like to point out that this article is purely written for entertainment, I am not out to hurt anybody and surely not to make fun of someones religion. There’s always this moment in time that you think “where have all the heroes gone? At that point I mostly meet a handsome dark curly-haired Mediterranean guy and I’m like “There he is! We talk a while, we go out together, watch a movie, have dinner, etc.

It was one of the rare times my parents saw me go out with a girl.

It was so proper, four nice Jewish kids out on a Saturday night.

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Besides, I had known every Jewish girl within dating age since birth. I attended the same nursery school, Hebrew school, and Sunday School as every other Jewish kid my age. Her parents knew she was dating a Jewish boy and though they weren’t happy about it and preferred she didn’t bring me over to meet them, they didn’t tell her she was going to hell or suggest she try to save me. We didn’t live in the same part of town, so we met once a week at Eastgate Mall. The first time I met her, I thought to myself, that girl looks like an Afghan Hound, but in a good way.

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