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Aesthetically, and in terms of quality, it’s difficult to drive a wedge between the two company’s devices – at least in terms of declaring one “better” than another.

One way Sonnet’s products stand out in the crowd is in terms of aesthetic style.

Finally, one thing particularly worth noting about the Express Box 3T is its guts – the PCIe slots inside are placed extremely well – they’re far enough apart to make inserting and removing a single-width card extremely easy, but close enough together that the device keeps as narrow a footprint as possible on your desk. In fact, of the three units we tested, the Express Box 3T consistently gave us the fastest data transfer speeds with an identical SSD RAID setup than either the Sonnet or One Stop Systems products.

Their Echo Express line of Thunderbolt expansion units share a number of similarities to Magma’s units in terms of quality – like Magma, Sonnet also builds their units out of a healthy amount of Aluminum, and also styles their products similarly to Apple’s products.The units were tested using a 2013 Mac Book Air and late 2012 27-inch i Mac (interchangeably) with clean installs of OS X Mountain Lion, a set of 4 500GB Samsung 840 SSDs, which were set up in a striped RAID array to maximize their data transfer speeds, and two Sonnet Tempo SSD PCIe cards to hook them together.I also used a pair of 512GB OCZ Vector SSDs interchangeably to see if it made a practical difference in the end result (and it actually didn’t, since the SSDs were operating faster than Thunderbolt could keep up with anyway).The above Disk Speed Test screenshot represents the average of 4 separate benchmark tests performed with the device.Unfortunately, it’s louder fan speeds made it difficult for me to choose raw power above all other factors.

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