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For the best practice or in the production phase, we should always make a clear separation between several layers of the application.

Page Zee, Your approach is only good for learning phase.

Add With Value("@Date Closed", date Closed); my Command.

Add With Value("@Description", description); my Command. Command Text = "update Incidents set Date Closed = @Date Closed, Description = @Description where Incident ID = @Incident ID"; my Command.

I declare the following Object Data Source control: Given that the Update method in the Products BLL class accepts a Product object as a parameter.1 AND 4: Add "on Row Updated" to your gridview properties in your file.It would have Edit Item Template and Item Template like this: int index = grd Player.(This is often called persistence ignorance.) Zee, To answer your 4 questions.2 AND 3: Instead of using a Bound Field, why not use a Template Field.


Certified Site Metrics are metrics that are directly-measured from the website instead of estimated.

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