Texas cps dating law

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Texas cps dating law

In high school, she remained small, never more than 4-foot-9, though that didn’t keep her from playing on the basketball team.

The prosecutor, Philip Kazen, told the jury that Elizabeth had “held a 9-year-old girl up as a sacrificial lamb to her friends.” Sitting in the courtroom, Elizabeth was frightened but also puzzled. When Elizabeth had entered the courtroom, the girl who was accusing her of sexual abuse had waved at her and smiled.

While working at H-E-B, she got to know Kristie Mayhugh, who was born in Montana and moved to San Antonio at age 3 when her father was transferred to the Randolph Air Force Base.

Kristie’s parents were divorced and her mother, like Elizabeth’s, was uncomfortable with her daughter’s sexual orientation.

The relationship could remain secret only so long, and when Elizabeth’s mother found out, their already strained connection suffered further.

“I don’t want to say I was disowned, but I was,” Elizabeth told me.

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