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The Recreation Area was established after the abandonment of the proposed Tocks Island Dam project in the late 1960s.

The entire district was condemned, and most of the structures razed, in preparation for a vast reservoir that was to cover the communities and farms that once stood along the old road.

On your left, the New York-Susquehanna & Western once ran along the river, carrying passengers, freight and milk from local farms.

This area was once peppered with estates used as vacation getaways by prominent New Yorkers.One comes within just a few centimetres of the dog, but doesn't quite catch him.It isn't clear what would have happened if the sheep had caught up with the tiny pooch, but Nelson certainly wasn't going to hang around to find out.In the 1600s Dutch miners discovered copper ore in a beautiful ravine located about seven miles north of the Delaware Water Gap.To access the ore and to transport it to Kingston, New York, they constructed a road, now known as the Old Mine Road.

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Primitive by present standards, it was a major undertaking in its day, and legends of the road and its Dutch miners have persisted for over two centuries.