Sugar daddy dating rules mormons and interracial dating

Posted by / 31-Aug-2017 16:32

I realized that laying it all out there like that wasn't doing anyone any favors — it was too harsh; kind of like when you go on a first date and someone word vomits their entire life story and outlines their marriage checklist.

It's an immediate red flag and turns most people off.

And at the end of the day, I just couldn't provide in the way that I wanted to.

So with my friend's encouragement, I decided to give this sugar baby business a try.

And when I told him one of my hard rules was that this would be a completely separate part of my life, O respected that.

I didn't feel like I was putting myself or my son in danger.

I always try to communicate with him as much as possible because I don't want him to ever feel ignored or like I don't have time for him.

That doesn't mean he needs material things to be happy, of course.

But there's a lot of pressure, especially on social media, to have a picture-perfect life.

I was here to provide for my child, yes, but I wasn't at the point that I felt the need to sell my body to do so.

When I first set up my page, I thought letting guys know right away that I wouldn't be offering sex, and that I had a child, was the best course of action.

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That was about a year ago, and now O is the only sugar daddy that I have.