Statistics on sexual violence on college campuses Prajkta mali in nude

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Statistics on sexual violence on college campuses

"There is evidence that rapists choose victims based on how vulnerable they're perceived to be. That's not bolstered by any actual data, and it's nonsensical: Why does the fact that a woman enjoys sex, perhaps with more than one person throughout the course of her life, have any bearing on whether she was assaulted? Sex isn't an unbreakable contract; it's a pleasurable, often recreational act entered into by two people.Why would a "promiscuous" woman who apparently consented to sex with several partners have any incentive to suddenly turn around and claim she was raped? Think about it like any other recreational activity, an idea that writer Thomas Mac Auley Millar calls a "performance model" of sexual consent: Just because you agree to play a musical duet with someone doesn't mean you have to keep playing when you want to stop.Because so many people believe these misconceptions, rapists get away with their crimes and seek out other victims.

The majority of rapes are planned in advance— rape isn't the end result of overactive hormones perhaps fueled by alcohol. Women put themselves at risk if they're promiscuous, if they dress provocatively, or if they flirt.You can say no to sex even if the person you're saying no to is your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or partner. False rape reports to the police account for between 2 and 8 percent of all reports — about the same as for other crimes (some felonies, like car thefts, have higher false reporting rates).You can even withdraw consent if you're having sex and you want to stop. Yes, some women lie about rape, just like some people lie about being victims of nearly every other crime.If you played with someone once, you have no obligation to play with them again.And it would be bizarre for someone to physically forced you to play the saxophone when you didn't want to and then suggest that you led them on by walking into their room when you knew there was an instrument there.

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One of the oldest rape myths out there is that women invite assault, or make themselves more vulnerable to it, by dressing or acting "provocatively" (provoking, apparently, a male lust so insatiable that men commit violent crimes).