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Posted by / 17-Jun-2017 19:14

Soft Bank and au/KDDI cannot differentiate between “we have it and you don’t” anymore.

The i Phone 5c will take off in a second cycle of—more conservative—customers.

The other important factor, an unknown one, is the terms signed with Apple.

Right after the release of those numbers last week, dozens of articles—often parroting each other—went on about how the i Phone was a failure at DOCOMO. This is barely the fault of analysts getting too excited, as DOCOMO itself has blamed limited i Phone stocks for the drop in its subscriber base.

I refrained from writing immediately, waiting for the noise to dwindle down. First and foremost, the numbers do cover the entire month of September. A simple look at the numbers tells you that this is not the case.

Soft Bank, clearly, continues to dominate the i Phone market .

It’s way too early to seriously analyze the reasons.

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I’ve said it repeatedly, here and elsewhere, one cannot read what the i Phone will do to DOCOMO at this stage.