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Spanking chat rooms

I reached out to True Discipline to get some more information about his spanking videos and process. “Like most spankos, I have had an interest in spanking damn near since childhood.

Being so young, I didn’t understand anything about it or knew that this whole world existed.

The time it would take us to scour the internet, find all of our illegally shared content, and send out all of the DMCA notices would drain us financially. That is were a company called DMCA 512 has stepped up and taken on this job for us. They have worked tirelessly to reduce the amount of our illegally shared content on the internet and have taken down many websites that ignore their DMCA take down requests.

I know many of you already use DMCA 512 but I wanted everyone to know the great job they do for us and if you need someone to handle your DMCA request DMCA 512 would be a great choice.

Here is one of their latest previews on Spanking Tube.

Below is some basic information and for more details head over to Dana Kane’s Blog. From time to time we like to feature one of members that make Spanking Tube so great. True Discipline has uploaded some great videos which we all have loved to watch.

Watching Chelsea spank hot girls with her hard style of discipline has been great.

There are no pitty patty hand spankings on Good Spanking, it is nice hard proper spankings.

So we all know in this digital age it is easier and easier to share content.

For some reason some people, The Pirates, like to share full videos and photos with the world without any consideration for the hard work and money that went into making a great spanking scene.

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When the internet got big, I began to find sites where I could post my sessions in video form. I was able to meet a larger group of people and make new friends as well as meet potential spankees.