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Roosevelt 1400 05058-0 30779 SHAKESPEAREAN POLICE BLOTTER (Alex: You have to identify the Shakespearean play.) Multiple homicides, regicide via poison in ear; unit dispatched to nunnery for further investigation Hamlet 100 05075-21 30803 INVENTORS and INVENTIONS In 1938 chemist Roy Plunkett invented polytetrafluorethylene, a nonstick substance better known as this No. Teflon 400 DD: ,0005066-27 30809 REPTILES and AMPHIBIANS Instead of eating the Egyptian variety of this bird, a crocodile lets it into its mouth to clean the croc's teeth And the bird is a small [*].I betcha if you went into your kitchen, you'd have some there. plover 500 004967-13 30829 YANKEE STADIUM (Sarah of the Clue Crew reads from the stands of Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, New York.) I'm in the Yankee Stadium section where, in 1977, this man's third home run of World Series game six landed; all were hit on the first pitch Mr. Reggie Jackson 300 05032-5 30851 DOUBLE MEANINGS (Alex: Each clue will have two blanks, and the same word, which will be the correct response, fills in both those blanks.) The only pleas he knew about was "More Scotch, please"; you can't pass the ___ exam sitting in the ___ all day bar 100 05061-44 30852 TREES (Jon of the Clue Crew reports from Oregon.) Also called the Sierra redwood, or just "the big tree", it once covered much of the Northern Hemisphere; now it's down to a few groves Be more specific.Zviad Gamsakhurdia 2000 005091-42 20280 WELCOME TO OMAHA (Sarah of the Clue Crew delivers the clue from in front of an Omaha museum.) In 1865 the first spike of this railroad was driven in Omaha; in 1869 it became part of the transcontinental systems the Union Pacific 1600 005076-42 20298 SYMBOLS IN ART (Cheryl of the Clue Crew reports from a Flemish oil painting.) In "Adoration of the Shepherds" by Rubens, the baby Jesus lies on wheat stalks, which are a reference to this sacrament the eucharist 1600 003315-56 20302 BASEBALL HALL OF FAMERS (Alex: You have to name the team) Brooks Robinson Ohhh no...

You have to find the word that indicates the bird.) The third rail in a subway system is the one with the juice and should be avoided like a touchy subject a rail 400 04092-57 31262 NOW, YOU TELL ME (Alex: A whole category about the National Association for Women...) This "national" figure, who retired in 2001 as NOW's president, says, "The right to safety should be fundamental" The lady's name was [*].) Of wiggin, snood or hackle, the one that's the fleshy growth hanging down over a male turkey's beak They all sound pretty strange, don't they!Snood 300 05047-13 30549 BROADWAY GEOGRAPHY (Cheryl of the Clue Crew reads from the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre in New York.) "Beauty and the Beast" takes place in and around a quiet provincial village in this country France 300 05024-28 30571 DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION The czardas is a national dance of this Central European country You're getting closer...3288-45 20002 IF THEY WERE SUPERHEROES (Alex: All of the correct responses will end in the letters "M-A-N"; example: Superman.) This 1940s Chicago Bears quarterback would have won games with incredible good fortune (Sid) Luckman 1600 04969-36 20013 THE PERIODIC TABLE OF ELEMENTS (Jon of the Clue Crew shows the periodic table on a monitor.) The columns on the periodic table are of atoms with the same configuration of these as they fill the atom's shell electrons 1400 04092-45 20034 NOW, YOU TELL ME (Alex: A whole category about the National Association for Women...) NOW's first presidential endorsement was of this Democratic nominee; makes sense?Correct respoonse: who is [*], who had Geraldine Ferraro with him on the ticket.

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You have to find the word that indicates the bird.) At NYU, Martin Scorsese taught future filmmakers Spike Lee and Oliver Stone a martin 300 $600100005-43 30061 COMMUNICATIONS U Thant spoke to the U. general assembly in English, although this was his native tongue My only wish is that our scoreboards were as right as your responses; you contestants are going so quickly we're having trouble keeping up with you: let's put in the correct scores right now. Blimpies 500 $10004985-7 30149 SPORTS EVOLUTION (Sarah of the Clue Crew delivers the clue from Utah Olympic Park, with Cheryl and Jimmy pushing her in a bobsled.) Begun in the 1800s, the first bobsleds didn't have these--a garden rake was used instead brakes 200 $4003327-41 30200 FUN WITH ROMAN NUMERALS (Alex: Each correct response will be a number represented by Roman numerals.) The initials of the type of medical equipment being set up here gave us this number 4 (IV) 1400 $4004092-39 30215 NOW, YOU TELL ME (Alex: A whole category about the National Association for Women...) NOW's policy on this 1991 scandal says, "Whereas" Navy aviators cornered women and "passed them down a gauntlet?