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Recently, also the accumulation of human capital has increasingly been incorporated in this picture.

However, few datasets exist that cover this crucial variable for this vast area.

Extent of the similar training innovations influence on health of students attracts special interest of researches of all scientific branches and specialties (Ajsmontas, 2004; Gol'decibelerg, Krivcunov, & Pustovgar, 2005; Babaeva et al., 2016; Kudryavtsev et al., 2016).

Necessity of students' rehabilitation by means of physical education and sport seems quite obvious (Iermakov et al., 2016; Ivashchenko et al., 2016; Kozina et al., 2016; Pryimakov et al., 2016).

Multimedia (multimedia, from English "multi" - is a lot of; "media" - the carrier, environment) is a set of computer technologies in which several information means are used at the same time: text, computer graphics (photos, animation, schemes, 3D - graphics, etc.), sound, video (Krasnianskij, & Radchenko, 2006).

As a result of an impetuous computerization of young student's community, research of many scientists (Babaeva, & Vojskunskij, 2016; Kliueva, 2003) including experts in the field of physical education and sport (Kramida, & Kadnikova, 2014; Kudryavtsev, Kramida, Kuzmin, & Iermakov, 2016; Kudryavtsev, Kramida, & Osipov, 2016) are recently devoted to studying of Internet dependence problems (Teperik, & Zhukova, 2007; Shiianov, & Drepa, 2009; Iang, 2000), harmful monitor habits (Kramida, 2014; Kudryavtsev et al., 2016), computer game addiction (Kudryavtsev et al., 2016) which emergence happens because of active use of multimedia means as way of educational process intensification in universities.

Le cheval iakoute est un animal extraordinaire, paré des vertus de maintes autres espèces (mammouth, porc, mouton, chameau, renne et vache).

While designing the future multimedia lesson it is important for the tutor to decide what purposes are set and what part is assigned to this educational activity in system of classes, in the studied module or within all training course.

L'élevage équin iakoute permettrait d'avoir un bénéfice maximal (sous forme de viande, lait, fourrure, travail, …) avec un coût minimal (pas d'affouragement et guère de soins).

Lors d'enquêtes de terrain menées entre 1994 et 2008 dans les régions centrales et septentrionales de Iakoutie, j'ai tenté de démêler le vrai du faux dans les discours tenus sur le cheval iakoute, son origine, sa production et sa consommation.

Such approach brings positive results and improves socialization of students in university environment (by Bliznevsky et al., 2016).

Dynamic multimedia tutorials unite visual and sound ways of perception by themselves.

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The sound can play a role of a sound effect, a sound illustration or a soundtrack that it is capable not only to draw attention of being trained, but also to be the link, binding parts in the course of a lesson, switching students' attention from one type of activity to another.

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