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Sex dating in milwaukie oregon

Green asked for her bank records, which she produced.

He entered them into evidence and did nothing else. Green concluded that the suspect was in Peru and suspended the investigation.

It is unclear when Roberts first learned of problems that Swanson identified with Green's police work.

Roberts issued a statement saying "public accountability is a cornerstone value of my office, and I take allegations of employee misconduct seriously." The Sheriff's Office has reviewed 154 of Green's cases dating to 2009 and found 40 required additional work, officials said.

This week, in response to a request from The Oregonian/Oregon Live, the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office released emails, internal memos and performance evaluations that not only shed light on Green's work history, but also detail the lengths to which Swanson went to launch an internal investigation into the detective's questionable work.

The records show multiple supervisors were well-aware of Green's performance problems. Swanson said he was discouraged from pursuing an internal affairs complaint.

"I saw that he had not investigated sexual assault cases for years, not followed-up with rape victims, not submitted evidence, not written reports for work done years ago, misrepresented information and displayed a callous and cavalier behavior toward women, minorities and other vulnerable people," Swanson wrote in a memo to Capt. "I believed victims had not received justice and I believed perpetrators were left to roam the community and preventable crimes likely occurred because sex offenders that should have been in jail were left to continue their criminal conduct.Matt Swanson, tried unsuccessfully to initiate an internal affairs investigation into Green's history of failing to investigate serious crimes.Swanson worried that rapists and other criminals were going free."Just last week," Swanson wrote to Poppen in October 2015, "we contacted that victim for what appears to be the first time since she attempted to report being sexually assaulted in 2013." -- A case in which a girl reported being raped while walking in public."This is a 'stranger in the bushes' type case," Swanson wrote in an email to Lt. Green suspended the case without contacting the victim or the girl's family.

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-- A case of an alleged rape of a 14-year-old by an older teen.

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