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Topics include a look at the consolidation of the liquor industry; how industry consolidation creates opportunity for local distillers; and how local distillers compete with the giants of the liquor industry.

Frieda Birndbaum, Research Pychologist, Author, Life Begins at 60 Subject: Why we, as a people, are becoming so emotionally challenged; ways we try to manage our emotions; and whether food can enable us to manage our moods.How will the price of gas affect the price of food? Show #1127: California's Green -Gold Rush II; The Money - (10.25 MB) Listen Now Guests Cannabis Financial Consultants John Downs from Arcview and Gavin Kogan from Grupo Flor Subject: Cannabis is projected to generate so much money for California its treasurer is asking for a fleet of armored cars to pick it up and take it to Sacramento. But some now point to capitalism as being the cause of hunger, obesity, land-grabbing, global warming and environmental pollution. Show #1130: California's Green Gold Rush IV: Consequences - (40.16 MB) Listen Now Guest: Fred Krissman, Research Associate, Humboldt Institute for Interdisciplinary Marijuana Research, Emerald Triangle Subject: Show #1129: Monsanto's Settling of Science - (15.74 MB) Listen Now Guest: Carey Gillam, Author, White Wash: The Story of a Weed Killer, Cancer and the Corruption of Science Subject: Topics include how Monsanto settled the science on the safety of its weed-killer glyphosate; why some dispute the settling of that science; and whether consumers should believe that the science of glyphosate has been settled.Show #1126: California's Green-Gold Rush: Part I The Rules - (10 MB) Listen Now Guests: Loretta Moreno, Santa Cruz County Cannabis Licensing, Maximillian Mikalonis, Legislative Advocate, K Street Consulting, and Dave Potter, former Supervisor, Monterey County Subject: Show #1125: Local Liquor - (5.01 MB) Listen Now Guest: Sean Venus, Owner & Distiller, Venus Spirits Subject: The liquor industry, like most all industries, is growing in opposite directions: very big and very small.And so we ask: Can local distillers successfully compete in a marketplace dominated by multinational distillers?

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