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It was fairly late at night, so I knew I wouldn't be seen. Instead, I just stayed crouched in the bushes and watched as Hester flipped the light switch and disappeared up the stairs.Sure enough, there was my wife, Hester, standing in the kitchen with some strange man I'd never seen before. I took a few steps back and looked up to see our bedroom light go on, and then off again a moment later.I fished my cellphone out of my pocket and snapped a few photos of the two of them just standing there smiling and laughing as if they were old friends. Now, as I mentioned, I've been an avid reader of online stories for years. I could sneak through the door, creep up the stairs, and catch the two of them in the act. Now, in the stories, the husband character is always bigger than the lover, and always a better fighter.She approached him and wrapped her arms around him in a firm embrace. Usually, the husband character just stands there and watches for a while for some reason, but I'm no chuckold fag. I'm ashamed to admit, though, that I had let myself go a bit in the physical health category.With the cost of the impending divorce, I would need to save every penny for the lawyers.

I found the garage door unlocked and quietly entered. She looked like she had a moth caught in her throat.

I Googled "divorce revenge plot" to get some ideas.

Since most of the revenge stories I read involved some type of high-tech spying equipment, I visited my local Radio Shack and asked the guy behind the counter about what they had to offer. I decided to skip that part of the revenge plot and focus on more low-tech solutions. "That side of the family is always up in my grill." "It's not as if we were making out in the kitchen," Hester continued.

I parked my car down the road and backtracked to the rear of our house.

I crouched down low in the bushes and peeked through the window. Unfortunately, I have bad knees and a bad back, and I've put on a few pounds, so my days of leaping through windows are over.

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I met with my lawyer later that week and explained everything that had happened. I had taken the day off of work, so I figured I'd swing by the house to see if I could catch her in the act again. She sat down and turned her head sideways as she looked at me. "But by all means, if you want to take this time to tell your mother what a disgusting whore she is, feel free.