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What attracted my parents to send me to St Catherine's was the promotion in the academy's literature of the positive discrimination self-evidently provided by an all-female environment, teachers and pupils both.Indeed, at my pre-transfer interview in London, with my parents present, the academy's head had convinced my folks that for me to be kept away from boys for a short while would do no harm at all to my educational and consequently my career prospects.I was an innocent, with an angel's face, startling light blue eyes that would flash green when I was aroused from whatever cause, and blonde hair reaching down below my very shapely buttocks.

Five-feet eight inches tall, with long, long, legs and long slim arms.

Though I never tired of being told how pretty I had become, I was embarrassed by the way grown men I had known since childhood would now treat me like a goddess.

Somehow I instinctively knew though, that this was not something to take overmuch advantage of, and I found great pleasure in being reportedly known as "a nice girl".

I was, of course, extremely curious as to what they could be talking about.

I asked to have Josephine and Marion pointed out to me. Jo was a truly lovely looking eighteen-year-old young woman, a brunette with an hourglass figure.

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