Sap infostructure not updating

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Sap infostructure not updating

How to deleted please read How to delete line item (row) of SAP table ?

Characteristic Catalog Application-01-Sales and Distribution, 02-Purchasing, 03-Inventory Controlling, etc.. – SBIW – Display IMG (implementation guide) Setting for applications specific data source – logistics – Managing transfer information structure – setup of statistical data – applications specific setup of statistical data –perform statistical setup – sales.If so, please tell me the procedure or any SAP Note that explains the procedure.Or is it as simple as going to tcode OMO9 and setting the info-structure to "No updating"?The orgininal LIS update program ‚RMCX#### will be enhanced within the form routines ‚form Snnnbiw1_update_....‘ and ‚form Snnnbiw2_update With the transaction ‘SE38’ you’ll see at the end of the program starting at line 870 / 1006, that the program is enhanced within a ‘BIW delta update’ coding Within the flag ‚Activate/Deactivate‘ the update process into the delta tables (Snnn BIW1/Sn5nn BIW2) is swichted on/off.In the table ‚TMCBIW‘ is defined, which table is active for delta update.

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