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Posted by / 03-Aug-2017 13:57

Who would knowingly want to put themselves in a position of vulnerability?

That is the reason why many women prefer to be "attractive" and try to motivate the man to approach them.

You're NOT asking what they think of YOU in any way.

Fortunately, there are a number of ways to approach and start a conversation, without opening yourself up to evaluation.

Taken to extreme, this hides someone else's insecurity and low self-esteem by "judging" others." I've never understood who some equate 'superficial' with 'low self-esteem'.

If someone is simply not very sophisticated why does that mean they don't think well of themselves?

Essentially, you are saying "I like you"..asking "do you like me"?

This gives the other person all of the "power" and "influence" in the situation.

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Furthermore, they are just as "confident" and "assertive" as putting yourself out there directly.

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