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Some complications may occur in only very rare cases, and others may be relatively common in comparison.Generally with practised medical procedures such as dental sedation, the more severe risks are far less common than those which will have less of an effect.I assumed they would just sedate her and get it all done at once… — Meredith There’s no doubt that young children can benefit from sedation – especially if they are faced with extensive dental work.Although there are several types of sedation available, the main advantage is that it relaxes and calms patients without actually putting them in a sound sleep.Coxibs, as a class, appear to increase risk of cardiovascular events, but risk may vary by drug; they should be used cautiously.Coxibs have renal effects comparable to those of other NSAIDs. If NSAIDs are used in the elderly, the lowest effective dose should be used, and continued need should be reviewed frequently.If NSAIDs are used long-term, serum creatinine and BP should be monitored closely, especially in patients with other risk factors (eg, heart failure, renal impairment, cirrhosis with ascites, volume depletion, diuretic use).are common, closer monitoring is necessary when new drugs are added or old ones are stopped; computerized drug interaction programs should be consulted if patients take multiple drugs.

Thus, clinicians should keep this effect in mind when BP increases in elderly patients and ask them about their use of NSAIDs, particularly OTC NSAIDs.You should always discuss the possible risks, side-effects and complications of dental sedation with your medical practitioner if you have doubts or are worried about them.They will be able to inform you of what the specific risks are with your circumstances and reassure you.Nausea or light-headedness after dental sedation may be far more common and yet have less of an effect on your health than potential complications which might have a far more severe impact.Before making a decision about whether or not to have dental sedation you should decide whether the potential risks are outweighed by the benefits of having sedation.

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We’ve always gone to a pediatric dentist and we love how they go out of their way to make our kids feel safe and comfortable.