Rich history dating back

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I found it quite interesting that machine guns were part of an officer's arsenal.

Response time, according to the write-up, was three to five minutes anywhere in the township.

Before the squad car left for its daily area of coverage, it was checked to be sure that it was equipped with tear gas, and inhalator, machine guns, and other equipment which might be needed.The seized artifacts will be handed over to the Istanbul Museum of Archaeology.The Turkish Archeological Association told Xinhua that it took police and archeological experts days to determine the exact period and draw an inventory of the seized artifacts as "they were so many in a single operation".Obviously, his job was to see that the proper amount of tax monies was received by the township.Tax Assessor: Elected by voters for a four-year term. Welfare Director: In the old days, this position was called "Overseer of the Poor." The Welfare Director headed up the Welfare Board, consisting of five persons (including two women).

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Committeemen were elected for a term of three years.