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After observing a high drop-out rate, and high levels of indicators of mental ill-ease among youth, an intervention called “Qaderoon” (Arabic for “We are capable”) was developed, implemented and evaluated in partnership with a community coalition.The aim of the year-long social skills building intervention was to promote positive mental health of the refugee children and increase attachment to school.The first was an exploratory phase, and the bulk of it was aimed at obtaining the input from the community.It consisted of a needs assessment (conducted during the spring of 2003) with the objective of assessing youth social and health issues using several data collection methods.Despite the severe increase in the populace since its founding, the number of schools remains at a standstill, and the effects of this lack of educational support is evident, particularly among the youth.The population of Palestinian refugees in Burj El Barajneh refugee camp has been greatly expanding since its establishment in 1948.

Parents stated that youth have no guarantees due to their difficult socio-economic circumstances, lack of financial opportunities, and disengagement with the school system.In order to reach these goals, practitioners developed an evidence-informed intervention that included activities for children, parents and teachers and focused on skills such as improving communication skills, problem-solving skills, and relationships.The Burj el Barajneh camp, located in the southern suburbs of Beirut, is the 6 largest of the 12 official camps.Youth ages 13-19 years old who had never been married were interviewed face-to-face after receiving consent from both them and their parent(s)/guardian(s).The results indicated that the youth surveyed were disadvantaged (see above).

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Finally, 94% reported they trusted few or no people around them.