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People having sex on a web cam

''We've been aware of the use of the Webcam and its potential use by exploiters,'' said Ernest E.Allen, chief executive of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, a private group.A six-month investigation by The New York Times into this corner of the Internet found that such sites had emerged largely without attracting the attention of law enforcement or youth protection organizations.

Authorities said that the malware sometimes alerted Durachinsky to certain words being types, such as those associated with pornography.

In this world, adolescents announce schedules of their next masturbation for customers who pay fees for the performance or monthly subscription charges.

Eager customers can even buy ''private shows,'' in which teenagers sexually perform while following real-time instructions.

Along with thousands of images, the suspect is alleged to have kept detailed notes on his unsuspecting victims.

Acting assistant attorney general Cronan said: "For more than 13 years, Phillip Durachinsky allegedly infected with malware the computers of thousands of Americans and stole their most personal data and communications."This case is an example of the Justice Department's continued efforts to hold accountable cyber criminals who invade the privacy of others and exploit technology for their own ends."FBI Special Agent in Charge Anthony said that Durachinsky was alleged to have used "sophisticated cyber skills with ill intent, compromising numerous systems and individual computers." According to the indictment, Durachinsky used the computers to record minors having sex over a five year period.

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