Online dating scams australia post

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Online dating scams australia post

The posts have no association with the airlines they name and those who participate have no chance whatsoever of winning any air tickets.

Typically, the posts feature the name and logo of the targeted airline and claim that you can click to get your free tickets.

The scammers who create the fake airline ticket giveaways earn commissions when somebody provides personal information on one of the survey sites.

Facebook Pages belonging to major airlines will usually feature Facebook’s blue “Verified” icon beside the Page’s name.

If a Page claiming to be associated with a particular airline does not have the verified icon, then it should be treated as suspect.

The famous scam that a lot of newbies to Thailand run into as they think experiencing a ping pong show in Bangkok’s oldest red light district, Patpong, is a must do.The scam consists of Thai guys approaching you at the night market in front of the go go bars offering free ping pongs shows and even better: drinks for just 100 Baht each.This often turns into a nightmare when it’s time to check the bill and it’s rather a couple of thousand Baht than a couple of hundred.They are also putting their privacy and security at risk by sharing their personal details on scam websites.If one of these fake airline ticket giveaway posts appears on your Facebook feed, do not click on it.

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