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Oldies 1150 ckoc online dating

I try to, and I tune to MTV to sample what's happening, but I find I just can't keep my attention on it.

I don't think it's about being old; it's about not being moved.

I'm not surprised you didn't remember the plug, it was just one of those announcements that the DJs read out, rather than a properly produced add - I only remembered it after hearing it on a recording of .

Speaking of James - he was one of my favourite presenters from those days.

My radio hobby goes back to include 1970's Johnnie Walker and succeeding shows on various stations so I feel like I know him, certainly as a DJ. I especially enjoy the photos you include, when available.

Tom Konard.' Thanks Tom and indeed the e-mails are coming in within 15 minutes after sending it away each time the report is published. 1050 CHUM is still on air, with a 'Oldies' format, but the listener's are few, so there may be a format change again?

Religious broadcasters on Low Power FM's seem to be the one's taking advantage of this the most. The next came in from Roger Day: 'Ladies & Gentlemen: When you read the attached I expect you will think I wrote it.

It could quite easily have been me, but it is an extract from Have Mercy the biography of 'One of my problems is, I don't listen to the pop stations.

However some days before the international report was sent out Peter didn't feel well and went to a hospital. I was shocked, though, to hear of Johnnie Walker's cancer, but trust he can beat it.

Steve wrote me to say: ' Thank you for sending me the latest report.

Are you saying that some of those cool Caroline DJs were in fact "train spotters".

James opens up the station at 10am by announcing: 'This is Radio Caroline broadcasting from the MEBO 2' - so he obviously hadn't changed very much! During the past three editions I was on search for two guys, who have worked on the MV Mi Amigo. My recent work at Radio Caroline has reinforced my belief that the public will tune to great radio no matter what it is delivered on.' And even from California we had one written in that he had heard Roger on Radio Caroline: 'I got to say you're not missing much by not listening to Radio Caroline (Roger Day of course aside). Maybe I'm just too much of a North Sea Fundamentalist'.

and Jaap de Haan were most enjoyable persons for the deejays on Radio Caroline during the period 1972/1974. Going back to , I did asked him when he thinks Music Mann comes on the air and he answered with: 'I still think the Music Mann thing will happen and has great potential. My feeling is that it will be before the 40th anniversary of Radio Caroline next March. From the USA came also an e-mail from the man behind the : 'As always I've enjoyed your newsy report!

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