Oasis dating on line

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Oasis dating on line

If asked to explain myself I would have listed jealously as being a primary factor, and being not attracted to girls.

I got out of my Uber, found the doors (they’re on the side of the building) and then confidently walked in.

Through my in-depth investigation, I knew that one day I would attend. Joining the sex blogging community has opened my eyes into facets of sexuality that would have been hard to come across in my mainstream life.

If you had asked me a year ago if I was open for a threesome with another girl, then you would have gotten a hard no.

This brought me back to the intriguing thoughts that Being Erica had planted in my head.

I did a lot of research about Oasis through their website, You Tube tour videos and a review by My Tickle Trunk.

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When explaining the venue to some of my friends, a lot of them asked: “soo what do you do there? If the answer isn’t evident to you, at a sex club you have, you know, SEX!