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Numerology dating

Dig much deeper into the compatibility of you and your lover with a complete Numerology Compatibility Report today!Sun Number 1 is passionate, but needs to dominate -- and it has a bit of jealous streak.In the Middle Ages, hexagrams appear frequently on churches, but rarely in synagogues or on Jewish ritual objects.It was the *menorah that served as the primary Jewish symbol from antiquity until the post-Renaissance period, not the lthough scholars have attempted to trace the Star of David back to King David himself; to Rabbi Akiva and the Bar Kokhba ("son of the star") rebellion (135 C.In Numerology, our Sun Number characteristics can be great compatibility clues when it comes to love.Every Sun Number has specific strengths and weaknesses in the romance department, so look up yourself and your sweetie and do the love math!

Its geometric design and architectural features greatly appealed to synagogue architects, most of whom were non-Jews.In a romantic relationship, the 5 surprises everyone by being both wild and adventurous yet extremely loyal. Sun Number 6 takes love as seriously as it takes everything else.The most loving and harmonious of all numbers, the 6 gives itself fully and without restraint, but can also be rather promiscuous. Sun Number 7 is often a late bloomer in love, but when they finally do fall in love they prove to be extremely giving and caring partners. Sun Number 8 is not easy to please when it comes to romance.According to these texts, the shield was inscribed with the seventy-two letter name of God, or with , claimed that Psalm 67, later known as the "Menorah Psalm" because of its *seven verses (plus an introductory verse), was engraved on David's shield in the form of a menorah.Another tradition suggests that Isaiah 11:2, enumerating the six aspects of the divine spirit, was inscribed on the shield in the outer six triangles of the hexagram.

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