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On the front (top left-hand corner) of the paper one, you will find the notice numbers which are contained within that edition.Find the correct edition then search by notice number for the correction.The notice will then give you the co-ordinates and correction that you need to apply. Chart Correction Pen - Corrections need to be done with violet ink using pen with an extremely fine nib.The recommend nib sizes that the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office suggest are 0.18mm to insert information and 0.25mm nib to delete.There is an easier way of course…….bring/send them to us and we can do it for you!! If you want to keep up to date with future Seachest blogs on admiralty charts, give us a like on Facebook, or follow us through @seachestcharts. Admiralty charts are nautical charts issued by the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office and subject to Crown Copyright.They cover virtually the entire world in various levels of detail depending on the density of hazards and traffics.How do I draw the symbols/move the marks/extend the sounding lines…….There are a very diverse number of different corrections that you may need to make.

It's been several weeks since the launch of our new online nautical bookstore, and we've already sent out dozens of high quality navigational charts to seafaring fans across the country, along with many great products Read the full post Electronic charts, more so than any other recent advancement, perfectly represent the way boating and technology have sailed side by side into the 21st century.

If there are one or more numbers missing from the chart, these corrections need to be applied, by hand, in order to bring your chart up to date. Back to the NMwebsearch page showing your list of notices for your chosen chart.

Tick the box next to the notice that you need and select ‘view selection’.

Variations may occur on charts adopted into the Admiralty Series that were originally produced by another hydrographic office.

Where these symbols and abbreviations are easily understood they are not included as examples in this...

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