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Posted by / 12-Nov-2017 13:12

If you're playing the eye-contact game with a girl across the room already, this is a perfect line to use.Make eye contact back and forth teasingly for a few minutes.This one puts the ball in her court and let's her respond with a flirty answer of her own.

You'll quickly learn a hobby she enjoys and you can use that to keep the conversation rolling.

To avoid the latter, you’ll want to use a pickup line that makes her laugh with you, not at you.

There is no one ‘best pickup line’ but there are many that are best for certain situations and for certain men.

All in all, it’s best to have a few pickup lines up your sleeve to pull out and use to meet different women.

To get you started, here are the 15 best pickup lines for men that will actually work to help you meet more women.

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