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"Dot-net is worthless."But there's a big divide between thinking of a good name and getting it. The cheapest name they bought at the auction was for 5,000.There's usually a chase, with Fischer trying to persuade owners to sell the names after he locates the owners unless it's up for auction."He's kind of like a rhinoceros," Goldberger says about Fischer. Other names sold for considerably less like (,000) and (,000).

You're just counting on people typing in generic names instead of using a search engine like Google."Malutta said domainers like Goldberger and Fischer are not "gaming the system" which in his opinion would mean registering domain names and then cybersquatting -- driving revenue off somebody else's trademarked name like Coca-Cola.Most the sites are lucrative for their advertising dollars.For example, isn't an actual yachting site, but it contains numerous ads and links for real yacht companies, boats and cruises."Kind of a square peg in a round whole and this lawsuit just kind of changed everything for me."He eventually left the respected Philadelphia law firm where he worked in 1997 and joined a small startup in Manhattan called, which was buying up domain names.Goldberger began collaborating with Fischer in 2001, building their portfolio of domain names.

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They are bidding furiously at this auction of Internet domain names, with hopes of snagging At the end of first quarter 2007, at least 128 million domain names had been registered worldwide, a 31% increase over the previous year, according to Veri Sign, which runs some of the core domain name directories for the Internet. It's your stake in the ground, your stake in the Internet." At the Manhattan auction, Fischer and Goldberger snatched up four names for more than $1.2 million and a fifth for a client, representing only a handful of the names sold for a total of $12.4 million during both the live and silent auction. Goldberger's entry into the business was unorthodox to say the least. sued him, alleging trademark infringement after Goldberger registered, which resembles one of the company's magazines.