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In an interview with the New York Times, the author explains she wrote "Cat Person" after a negative online encounter. I was really bothered for and by Robert," said another."It's not autobiographical; though many of the details and emotional notes come from life, they were accumulated over decades, not drawn from a single bad date," said Roupenian, who is on a writing fellowship at the University of Michigan. "He ultimately is the victim in this story." It's all very meta when one considers the themes of "Cat Person" – digital culture, male-female relations, vitriol that is typed not spoken. Yep, I’ve just been to the Big Apple – setting of new film How To Be Single, starring Rebel Wilson and Dakota Johnson – for a whirlwind three days to find out how they date across the pond. First up on my crash course in the singles scene across the pond I meet Sara, 35, a paralegal I’ve been put in touch with through a friend in publishing.

New Yorkers in general are savvy to everything trendy way before it’s trendy, have a unique style, they talk smart and know what’s going on around them, they’re street smart, and always know how to have a good time. But in a city with this many people, most importantly, you discover that there’s a lid to every pot.A short story published in the latest issue of the New Yorker has gone viral in what is, quite possibly, the first time a work of short fiction has accomplished such a feat.The line between a high-brow (New Yorker) and low-brow (social media) converged this week when Kristen Roupenian's short story "Cat Person" caused ripples in the Twitter-sphere.It’s late and you have to get back to your place, but riding the train home sounds like death.That’s when “I’ll get you a cab,” sounds even better than “Let's get pizza." Sunday brunch is the new church, especially in New York City. But you shouldn’t get too excited, because it’s still NYC.

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So, you sing Barry Manilow in the shower and celebrate your cat’s birthday complete with Burger King crowns? The bar for what’s weird is set 10 times higher than it is anywhere else. for the L train, at least you’re not waiting alone.

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