Natural progression of online dating simple dating profile

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Natural progression of online dating

Our Time: Part of the family, an estimated 1.4 million singles 50 or older visit this site monthly.Profile questions are tailored to traits that this demographic considers

"I'm looking for someone I can spend the rest of my life with."When Wolowitz attended the Pebble Creek singles club, she found herself surrounded by non-married couples who met there.But after you meet the right person, you think, 'I'm really glad I did this.' "Sally Teets, 62, has been dating online off and on for the past 11 years after her husband died.The Gilbert retiree has had diverse experiences, including suitors in their 40s and men much more her senior — both looking for a woman to take care of them in one capacity or another. She's suspicious when a photo appears to be lifted off the Internet, the grammar in a profile is perfect but horrible in e-mails, or out-of-state business trips conveniently prevent meeting up."The meetings for coffee and lunch have made me less fearful.Teets isn't looking to remarry and is unsure whether online dating is for her.The optimistic part of her heart keeps the faith."The romantic in me says there's not just one lid for this pot," she said.

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What is different is that experience has taught them to go with their instincts early on."I'd like to think I know what I'm looking for. Someone who can talk about the same things, someone to be my equal," said Handler, who has been dating online since 1998 and has never been married.

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  2. They’re more comfortable with technology than previous generations, which means they’re also well aware of the benefits that technology can offer them, such as working from virtually anywhere.

  3. It wasn't love at first sight but as they spend more time together, Lauren and Jim's romance begins to grow. "A chance encounter between Lauren and Jim leaves both of them with the brilliant idea to take their kids to Africa for spring break. It's time and money I should be spending with my kids."Discouraged by the poor date with Lauren, Jim swears off dating in favor of his children.