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Even Trump has had to certify twice that Iran was in compliance—and he was getting sick and tired of it. Then he tossed the mess to the leaders in Congress for them to decide what, if anything, to do about it.The most recent time he signed the certificate, he said that he probably wouldn’t do it the next time. He cited a few reasons for his action, all of them either false or irrelevant.The JCPOA required Iran to dismantle the vast bulk of its nuclear program, essentially closing off every road to a nuclear bomb—in exchange for which the U. and the other countries would lift sanctions, which had been imposed as penalty for its nuclear activities.Just before the deal was signed, Congress—which had no say in the matter, since it was not a formal treaty—passed a law called the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act. Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California 52. Iguazu Falls on the border of Brazil and Argentina 57.

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Moscow spouted a communist ideology dedicated to the overthrow of capitalism, armed and otherwise supported revolutionary regimes and movements all over the world, and persecuted domestic minorities.

None of this stopped even Ronald Reagan, the most fiercely anti-communist of these presidents, from pursuing treaties to reduce the size of both sides’ nuclear arsenals.

The Iranians are permitted to develop advanced centrifuges, but they are limited in how many of them they can build or store, they cannot use them to enrich uranium, and they have destroyed or shipped away the stockpile of enriched uranium they already had.

And while some of these prohibitions lapse after 10 years (which is farther away than “a few years”), others don’t expire till 15 years, still others 25 years, and some—including the International Atomic Energy Agency’s right to inspect facilities—have no expiration at all. “The Iranian regime,” he said, “has committed multiple violations.” He cited three.

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Nor did Reagan or any other president threaten to cancel an arms treaty already in place if the Soviet Union didn’t stop espousing communism or supporting revolutionaries or oppressing its own people.

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