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Looking too young dating sites

The hair color of the "younger" man at childhood had no impact making him look younger (because everyone had good quality hair) but there is not knowing when it will fall out later.

Of course, people who look young at childhood won't look young forever.

So like I said grow your hair out a little comb it a lot, wear dress shirts or polos with khaki pants and you might just stop getting carded at the beer store/clubs (Thats what happened to me except add in Wal-Mart for R rated movies) Sidenote: Facial hair does nothing unless you have a ton of it, every kid tries to do the fumanchu thing. like being at a casino and being carded because you look too young....(from my own experience) People said that Goliath was so big they had no chance of winning, David said Goliath was so big he couldn't miss.

Don't you see that the whole aim of Moderators is to narrow the range of thought? Splotchy facial hair makes you go from looking 18 to looking like a 15 year old who hasn't figured out how to shave yet. Most women aren't going to rule out dating someone because they look to young, but they will rule you out for other reasons. The same can be said in your situation, if people say you're so young looking girls wont get attracted to you, I beg to disagree.

Just like how older men prefer younger women because it makes them feel young and virile to date one. before i met i my wife i went on a date with a 31 year old. she got all stupid on how old i was that i looked young. My two last relationships were with overprotective girls dunno why I am 23 and carded everywhere I go, but I tend to do activities where appearing to have "kid gloves" is actually an advantage. I remember Doogie Howser episode that illustrates this very clearly -- older looking doctors will be approached far more and trusted more than someone who looks very young.

People who play poker with me at Mohegan Sun tend to wish that they take me seriously more often than not. In relationships, most women prefer younger-looking men. This is worth mentioning because if you _do_ look older and have no way around that, its best to _look_ professional.

It's a pain in the ass to hear slack-jawed comments from the guidos about how I look like a kid.

I'm told I look 5 years younger when not wearing a beard.

Edit: and yeah, you could always find a girl first and try different looks once you are in an established relationship. Edit2: feel free to guess at my age in my profile picture.

This is the type of disadvantage that will fade to past and be completely irrelevant as you get older. Every now and then I ask people how old they think I am.

Many people won't even remember looking young when they're 60. The lowest I got so far is 16, with an average of 18. I assumed that girls want older guys, but at this rate when I'm 30 I'll look like I am in my twenties.

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This is the type of disadvantage that will fade to past and be completely irrelevant as you get older.