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Las vegas sexy video chat only

Last but definitely not least, it was obvious that the entire show was lip synced. Save your money for Blue Man Group and Matt Franco (Both of whom I saw the same week and were Awesome).

Watch a Brittney Spears music video on Youtube, it's about the same thing.

Even worse, Las Vegas is rife with clip joints and other scams designed to rip off unsuspecting tourists looking for a good time.The breathtakingly gorgeous working girls are tested weekly for all sexually transmitted diseases in accordance with Nevada law.No customer has ever contracted an STI or HIV as a result of an encounter with a legal Love Ranch prostitute.Yes, a jewel encrusted bodysuit reminiscent of the "Toxic" video makes an appearance.In one of the more visually stunning segments Britney performs "Everytime" suspended over the stage as a giant angel before revealing her sultry side in a black-strapped and feathered piece to perform "…Baby One More Time.""Bad" Britney makes another appearance later, cracking a whip over a crawling audience member, which is usually a celebrity in attendance such as Mario Lopez, Lance Bass or Pauly D, during her performance of "Freakshow." Another inspired moment showcases a 20-foot jump off a tree during a jungle-themed, wet performance of "Toxic."The show clocks in between 80 and 90 minutes depending on if you count the video montage lead-in and how long you and your fellow audience members dance in the aisle to final song "Till the World Ends."Packed with exciting effects, signature dance moves, and extravagant sets, the only remaining question is, will you be a slave 4 Britney?

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