Las vegas and speed dating

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Las vegas and speed dating

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Paddock was already dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. There’s no other rationalization."The gunman who opened fire on a country music festival in Las Vegas may have wanted to survive and escape his attack, but a hotel security guard who approached his door and attracted the shooter's gunfire appears to have stopped the massacre, Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo said Wednesday.“His bravery was amazing," Lombardo said of the Mandalay Bay hotel security guard, who continued to help police clear guests from the 32nd floor of the hotel even after being shot in the leg by the gunman through the door of the gunman's suite.TMZ reported that Stephen Paddock, 64, booked two rooms facing Grant Park, where the festival was held from Aug. 6, at the Blackstone Hotel, an upscale downtown hotel across the street, but he never showed.“We can confirm that a reservation was made under the name Stephen Paddock, however authorities have not confirmed that this is the same person as the Las Vegas shooter,” said hotel spokeswoman Emmy Carragher, adding that the guest never arrived.“We are cooperating with the authorities on this matter.”Lollapalooza draws hundreds of thousands of music fans every year, and this summer the shows attendees included Malia Obama, the daughter of former President Obama.ALSOVegas shooter booked room overlooking Lollapalooza in Chicago, official says Shooting shows how hard it is to stop a sniper Las Vegas shooting victims: Portraits of the fallen Here's what we know (and don't know) about the Las Vegas shooting The interview started with Eric Paddock crying. Investigators were still trying to understand what drove Paddock and whether something triggered him in October 2016, when he began buying dozens of guns.And then — in a rambling, televised interview that stretched for half a hour in Florida on Wednesday — Paddock held court on his brother Stephen, the gunman who attacked a Las Vegas country music festival. Officials also declined to release details of their interviews with the gunman's girlfriend, but Lombardo said he questioned whether Paddock had managed to amass an arsenal and prepare for an attack on his own."He had to have some help at some point," Lombardo said. maybe he’s a super yahoo, was working out all this on his own, but it would be hard for me to believe that." The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department released a three-minute compilation of body camera footage Tuesday night that showed the attack on a music festival from the perspective of police.

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