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Kikuchi ayaka dating sites

When not performing with AKB48, Itano and Kasai play for Hori Pro’s futsal team, Xanadu loves NHC. After the introduction of Team B, Erena was promoted to a center position in singles together with Watanabe Mayu.While Watanabe Mayu enjoys a huge following, Erena comes in at #11, barely missing a spot among the Top 10 AKB48 Members.She was part of the failed idol group Doll’s Vox back in 2005 before becoming one of the founding members of AKB48’s Team K in 2006.Since the formation of Team K, Yuko has been placed at the forefront of singles together with Maeda and Takahashi.Historically, Team K was blessed with a more mature lineup when compared to Team A.As a result, AKB’s new gang was sexier, spunkier and just more cool. This post will provide an introduction to the members in the new Team K.During Team A’s 4th stage, a new sexy Tomochin was born. Together with the other popular Tomomi, Kasai Tomomi, Itano is managed by the Hori Pro label.Hori Pro is perhaps the most prestigious agency that any of the AKB48 girls are currently signed to.

No stranger to show business, Oshima Yuko is one of the most natural girls on stage.Here’s a run through of the AKB48 members in the newly formed Team K. Oshima Yuko As the only other contender for the #1 spot, Oshima Yuko is Team K’s equivalent to Maeda Atsuko.At 22 years old, Oshima is one of AKB48’s older members.Outside of AKB48, Sayaka has found some success in modeling for magazines and acting in theater productions. While not featured as prominently as the lead singers, Itano has been featured at the front lineup for all singles to date.Even though she is older than even Maeda, Itano’s childlike looks caused her to be marketed initially as one of the kid members together with Oku Manami and Ono Erena.

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Akimoto Sayaka’s popularity has fluctuated over the years.

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