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In 1989, Qissi and Van Damme teamed up again for the film Kickboxer, in which Van Damme was the protagonist once more and Qissi the film's main villain, Tong Po.1990 saw the pair make the film Lionheart, in which Qissi's brother, Abdel, played the villain.This was to be the last film Van Damme and Qissi made together, but Qissi did go on to reprise his role as Tong Po in Kickboxer 2.In 2014, Qissi made the movie Bara, in which he played a double role as Bara and Hamza.

Christine Eumerode Dassi was born and raised in Cameroon, Africa.He befriended Jean-Claude Van Damme at an early age and they grew up together with the same love for action films and training in martial arts.In 1982, Qissi and Van Damme moved to the United States in the hope of becoming action stars.Carrie estimated to have spent has spent about £13,000 on cosmetic treatments including breast implants and hair extensions.'When shop assistants and people at the gym hear Clarice saying 'Mum' they ask her to repeat herself. ' Carrie says that she is not overwhelmed about being subbed Britain's most glamorous granny.'What you see is what you get with me,' she said.'I've always been fit and active.

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We have a right laugh.'Such is Carrie's passion for kickboxing, she exercises in her kitchen and goes to classes five times a week.