Kanpur dating com

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Kanpur dating com

Average literacy rate of Sambhal city is 49.51 percent, of which male literacy was 52.27 percent and female 46.45 percent.The sex ratio of Sambhal city is 9 males and child sex ratio of girls is 9 boys. The are: In spite of being a Muslim dominated area, the city is multicultural.

One of the most important contribution made by them was the introduction of decimal system as well as the invention of zero.Qutubuddin Aibak, the first Muslim sultan of Delhi, seized Sambhal and included it under his empire.That was in the early 14th Century and subsequently, Firoz Shah Tughlaq, another sultan of Delhi, raided the town of Sambhal as one of the Hindu rulers from there was responsible for the killing of several of his men.He, later on, made his son Humayun the governor of Sambhal and Humayun in turn passed on the reigns to his son Akbar.Sambhal is said to have flourished under the Akbar rule but subsequently deteriorated in popularity when Akbar’s son Shah Jahan was made the in-charge of the city.

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It consists of three tehsils : Sambhal and Chandausi, taken from Moradabad, and Gunnaur, taken from Badaun.

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