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Internet robot chat for adults

'I know you' George is one of several chatbots produced by the prize-winning linguistic artificial intelligence software developed by programmer Rollo Carpenter.

He owes his conversational prowess to millions of online conversations that he has carried out with visitors to the website, and with Carpenter himself.

He will star at the British Association Science Festival in Norwich this week. Meet George, 39, single, quirky sense of humour, looking for friends to chat with online. He's a profound intellect and speaks 40 languages, but is also prone to unwarranted rudeness and his banter can be slightly disjointed. The same way a parent will start coming up with nonsensical answers to their toddler’s incessant “Why? ” Chatting online with a chatbot can often actually be quite helpful.They can provide useful troubleshooting information and help solve technical issues, often quicker and more efficiently than a human can.

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We didn't really hit it off, but to be fair George was talking to 179 other people at the same time.