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I love dating in the dark

Grab a highlighter, a pen, and two copies because you and your husband are going to want to read it together, write notes and then switch!

The 5 Love Languages book helped me look outward with my love instead of inward.

When my husband and I were first married we took a quiz online to find out what our unique love language was, but I never read the book, until recently.

WOW, I thought I knew what this book had to offer, but until I read it cover to cover I didn’t fully understand Gary Chapman’s genius 5 Love Languages.

I was given this book as an engagement gift and I am so glad that we both read it together before we were even married.

A few chapters in, I jumped up, ran to grab a highlighter, and I went to town on that sucker! I loved the examples in the book and I was able to easily pinpoint both my husband and my love languages.I think more so for my husband because I was showing him love in all five areas, while only two of those were working.But, since reading the book, I focus most of my energy on those 2 love languages instead of floundering about with the other three wondering why he wasn’t reacting as I expected he should.Each time I read the book, I feel like I got exactly the knowledge that I was searching for.My husband and I found it humorous reading it together, reflecting on our own relationship.

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