Hitchs dating rules

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The couple, both 46, are on their way to Port Isaac.Phil, in security, is down from Essex on business; Susanne is taking a holiday from her job as an NHS administrator to join him.

In the past two years, the number of drivers unwilling to stop has soared, going from 75 to 91 per cent; fewer than one in 100 are now very likely to stop.With just a few miles under the bonnet, we stop again at Michaelwoods services for coffee.I buy the round (he doesn't like giving Starbucks money) and we carry on.He grew up in the Welsh valleys, and his rugby prop past is still visible in his broad torso, which struggles to fit beneath the steering wheel."I'm an ex-copper, so I can understand where people are coming from when they worry about safety," he says, after explaining he partly picked me up because he was worried.

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With rising petrol prices, a recession and increased environmental awareness, you'd think impromptu car sharing would be all the rage.

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