Going through a divorce and dating with kids

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When it comes to your boyfriend’s divorce, he may be tempted to talk about it and you may be tempted to ask questions or even offer advice.

But doing so can turn his worries into your worries and may create conflict between you.

If he has children, it is likely best to put off meeting them.

If you meet them too soon, it can upset the ex, confuse the children during a difficult time in their lives, and can even disrupt any custody evaluations.

It took one phone call for him to tell me that he was in the middle of a divorce.

It took only a few more conversations and rendezvous to cultivate a semi-serious relationship.

For your relationship to work, he must demonstrate that he’s serious about the divorce by filing the necessary papers, separating finances and property, and moving forward with the divorce process.

Just because a man has separated from his wife doesn’t mean he’s getting divorced.

I was genuinely happy for him and the second chance they both found.

I was genuinely excited for the son they shared, and his ability to wake up to mom and dad every morning.

Focus on more positive topics and enjoy your time together.

Christie Hartman is a psychologist and author of five dating and relationship books.

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I was visiting my hometown for a weekend and he was visiting a local bar, thanks to the very persuasive powers of his friends and family.

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