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Giant robo gaiden ginrei online dating

Daisaku managed to wake Ginrei who then activated her teleportation power, taking it beyond her known limits.Ginrei transported not only herself but the whole of Ryozanpaku to St.Abbey, formerly Bashtarle, the sight of the last remaining Shizuma plant. Abbey, Ginrei then warped herself into the Eye of Volger to confront her brother.In the final episode "Grand Finale", Ginrei boarded the Eye of Volger to confront Genya.They were then found and rescued by Kenji Murasame and Dojin Issei who took them to Interpol's headquarters at Ryozanpaku.

In the years following Bashtarle, the both of them trained to become elite Interpol operatives, joining the Experts of Justice.However, following the fall of Shanghai, she discovered that it was not her father who controlled the Eye of Volger, but her brother Emmanuel who had been hiding behind their father's image.After the Greta Garbo had crashed in the Himalayas and Genya had taken an unconscious Daisaku hostage, Ginrei and Tetsugyu attempted to rescue the boy.During this encounter, Genya explained that he possessed the same power of teleportation as she did, explaining how he had survived the Tragedy of Bashtarle.He went on to explain his reasons for the Eye of Volger and while Ginrei dismissed her brother as a murderous psychopath, she could not bring herself to fight him.

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Franken Von Volger, one of the five scientists who worked on the creation of the Shizuma Drive.

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