Gasoleros online dating

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Gasoleros online dating

Shortly thereafter, they moved back to Argentina to start a life together when he signed to play for Boca Juniors.

Juan is a music director of a chamber orchestra, and works at a records label with his best friend Félix Month (both of them members of a glam metal band in their youth).Juan and Aurora began a romance, which was resisted by Juan's family.He tried to rebuild the relation with Ingrid at the request of their daughter Mora, who was about to die at the time; the whole family moved to his apartment.Still, Aurora dropped her lover Segundo and revealed Juan his fatherhood, who openly cheated Ingrid with her.Ingrid finally left the apartment and returned to the original house, and announced that she lost the pregnancy.

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Adrián Suar began his career as an actor, but soon changed to producer, and his group Pol-ka produced several telenovelas.