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The Yurok were moved around a few times for a variety of reasons.After a flood in 1862, the Yurok were relocated to the Smith River Reservation; however, it was closed down in July 1867.Event presenter, exhibitor, vendor and registration information can be found here.For other community events, check out our website calendar.Skirting the eastern margin of Lake Earl, the trappers camped three nights in Section 27, between the lake and Kings Valley." Exactly one month later, while eating breakfast the morning of July 14, 1828, Jedidiah's party was attacked by at least one hundred Native American Indians.Everyone in the party except for Jedidiah and two companions died in the ambush. "On June 14 the company pushed up the beach until they struck a 'low neck of land running into the sea where there was plenty of clover and grass for our horses' and camped.Considerable difficulty was encountered in getting the horses across Elk Creek, and they were compelled 'to make a pen on the bank to force them across.' The Mountain Men on the 16th camped on the wooded flats south of Lake Earl.

Among them were the Tolowa, Yurok, Mad River, and Eel River Indians.The free 4th Annual Ney’ Puey 5K Run begins at 9;00am (sign up for the run begins at am). Enjoy a salmon dinner cooked in a traditional Yurok way. Attendees will also enjoy watching the highly competitive Stick Game Tournament.(The Stick Game is played by all local tribes and is a full-contact sport that resembles lacrosse with a wrestling element.Apparently, other roads existed at the time but were fraught with peril during times when the rivers were high.There were several tribes in the Humboldt region, but by the time Crescent City was founded, the Caucasians were having battles with the Tolowa nation, as well as other Native American tribes.

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